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At Monkey Puzzle we strongly believe that a healthy, balanced diet is essential for growth and development in under 5’s.  This prompted us to consult with a paediatric nutritionist to formulate a menu that will help give your child the best start in life.  Where possible, all our food is organic and has won The Healthy Eating Under 5’s Award.  We always provide fresh, balanced meals to the children at each meal time with a choice of fresh fruit at snack times.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So, to get our children off to flying start, we offer a variety of  non-sugared cereals and milk or water to drink.  Enough to fill up their bellies and keep a smile on their face till snack time.

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At Lunch and Teatime, we like to serve a balanced meal that has been prepared on the premises by our nursery cook.  Copies of our three week menus and recipes are available at the nursery.  Please ask our manager Kath for a copy.

Throughout the day and at meal times we encourage the children to drink fresh water and as a rule we do not offer squash as a meal time drink.

To View A Sample Menu click here

If your child has any specific dietary requirements or you want further information simply get in touch.