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Four main childcare rooms are provided at the nursery, all monitored by CCTV for enhanced security.

Babies at our nursery benefit from the large, bright, open plan day room, well equipped with the latest equipment to stimulate the babies senses during their formative months. They also have regular use of the beautiful landscaped outdoor play area. There are never more than three babies to any one member of staff. Your child’s key worker will take care of all your child’s personal needs whenever possible reinforcing the Early Years Foundation Stage “Positive Relationships” which continues to build during your child’s time at Monkey Puzzle. Cots are provided in the room but we also have a separate sleep room to use for babies who prefer a quieter environment for their naps.

Wilmslow nursery facilities

The Tweenie room was opened in March 2014 to cater for children aged approximately 15 months to 2 years, and give us more flexibility in meeting each individual child’s needs. Children move to this room when they are more physically mobile and are beginning to outgrow the baby room. At this age, the nursery day is structured around the childrens’ changing interests and developmental needs. There is a front room used for messy activities and mealtimes. An interconnecting room is carpeted and is used for story time and other quieter activities.


The Toddler Room is beautifully bright and spacious, with outstanding levels of equipment. The room follows the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework and encourages learning through play. There are various dedicated areas in the room offering different activities. Toddlers also have regular use of the outdoor play area and separate Rainbow Room which is used for small group activities. As this is the time when the majority of children start toilet training, the toddlers have their own children’s toilets, encouraging independence.


Pre-School children also follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. We support them, preparing them for their eventual move to school. This is a more settled routine, with children working in small groups. Through our observations of children learning through play, we are able to introduce adult led activities that follow the interest of individual children, linking them to the EYFS areas of learning. The Pre-School room is fully equipped and there is a separate classroom (our Rainbow Room) which is used to focus on small-group work. The children have open access to the garden every day (free flow) from their room and complete a lot of their daily activities outside through choice. The garden environment also reflect the areas of learning and allows problem solving on a grander scale.



Outdoor Play Area
As a town-centre nursery we are lucky to have a beautiful outdoor play area that all children use on a regular basis. A large wall features an amazing mural of a jungle scene, designed and painted by local Dutch artist Merike van de Vijver (see www.olmoost.com) , who is also responsible for the artwork inside the nursery. The garden includes a grassed area, climbing equipment and a planting area which is used by the children to grow fruit and vegetables that are later included in their meals. All children in the garden are under constant staff supervision, and the area is also monitored by CCTV for extra security.